Lead Paint Law Compliance

The EPA regulates activities that disturb lead based paint.  If you are conducting repairs or renovations and incidently must disturb lead based paint, then you are subject to follow the Repair, Renovations, and Painting regulations known as RRP.  If the job you are on is solely removing lead based paint just to get rid of it, then you are conducting lead paint abatement and subject to different and more stringent EPA rules. In either case, you or your company must have the proper certifications and follow lead safe work practices.  

Contrators and landlords are all subject to these rules. Homeowners working in their own home or friends working together for no compensation are not required to have certifications.  Homeowners or others disturbing lead paint, however, should always follow proper procedures for their own safety and the safety of those living or working in the building.

Using LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper will help you contain the lead paint and easily pass the cleaning verification at the end of the job.  Do-it-yourself lead paint removal is made much simpler by using LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper as it lifts the paint off the surface for easy removal in sheets that are easy to contain and dispose.  

Since LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper renders the lead paint non-hazardous, you have no worries when you dispose of the paint waste as non-hazardous household garbage.  (Some states require testing of paint waste to verify that it is non-hazardous, other states follow the EPA household waste exemption that allows disposal of lead paint waste in non-hazardous garbage.  Please refer to your local laws when removing or disturbing lead based paint.)