Pine Wood Floor

"I liked that I could remove the lead paint safely, and that there was very little paint dust created. The bare wood was exposed with one application, and it was not damaged. I've recommended LEAD-OUT® to many people."

– Jill Carrier, Massachusetts

How Does LEAD-OUT® Work?

Molecular Bonding System or MBS® is a heavy metal re-agent, or stabilizer, and the key ingredient in LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper. MBS® is an EPA "SITE" (Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation) proven technology, and we have adapted it for use in treating heavy metal contaminated paint such as lead paint, zinc based coatings, and chromium or cadmium based coatings. MBS® reacts with lead at the molecular level to permanently alter the lead compounds to a non-hazardous compound so it is safer for you and the environment. 

Read the Superfund Report:  EPA Report on MBS.

LEAD-OUT's® lead paint stripper is made from soybeans grown and processed in the United States.  These soy esters, enhanced with NMP, lift the paint off the surface as it also softens the paint.  This industrial strength paint stripper removes multiple layers of paint off any surface for industrial, commercial, and marine paint stripping. It is also safe enough for residential paint removal jobs.

LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper is the combination of our soy-based paint stripper and our MBS stabilizer powder, and it is the safest, most effective, easiest to use lead paint removal method out there.   

LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper was patented in April 2007 by Solucorp Industries, Ltd.  

Read the Patent Report:    US Patent Office's Patent Report 

Common Uses of LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper

  • Historic Restoration
  • Boat repairs or repainting
  • Industrial Repairs
  • Home Improvement
  • Furniture Refinishing

Using chemical paint strippers (with no methylene chloride) is an EPA approved method of removing lead paint. 

Paint can be tested by a certified diagnostic lab using the Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (Burn Test) to document the level of lead. The EPA threshold is 0.5% or 5000 ppm for paint to qualify as lead based paint. We do not recommend use of XRF or test strips as they are not as accurate when used on samples removed by chemical stripping.

To qualify as non-hazardous waste, the lead paint waste must be tested by TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure) with a resulting lead content below 5 mg/L.

Contractors and landlords working in pre-1978 residential or child-occupied facilities must follow EPA RRP rules. Homeowners working in their own home or anyone not working for compensation are not subject to RRP regulations of lead paint removal, but we recommend everyone follow lead safe work practices in every job involving lead paint removal.  LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper is the safest most effective method of lead paint removal on the market, because it contains the dust, renders the paint waste non-hazardous, and takes the heavy labor out of the paint stripping for you. Complete and permanent solution to the problem of lead paint!

Fireplace Mantle

"I used it on the fireplace mantle and door jamb throughout my house, and I liked the ease of application. I have used other lead paint strippers and the application was tedious and difficult. I would definitely use Lead-Out again."

– Michael Macalle, New Jersey

LEAD-OUT® reduces hazardous lead levels from 401 mg/L to zero and costs less than competing lead paint removers. Also, LEAD-OUT® is the only paint stripper to render all heavy metals permanently non-hazardous.

Product Untreated/Treated Coverage Price Mean price
LEAD-OUT® 401 mg/L / NonDetect 80-120 Sq.Ft/Gal. $94.95/Gal. $.80 -.95/Sq.Ft.
PEEL-AWAY® Paint Remover Does not treat 15-20 Sq.Ft./Gal. $26.97/Gal. $1.54 / Sq.Ft.
Strip-Tox® Paint Stripper Directions call for a TCLP test after
the removal is completed
50- 75 Sq.Ft./Gal. $70.95/Gal. $1.14 /Sq.Ft.
Leadex 11.0 mg/L,/ 1.3 mg/L 50 Sq.Ft./Gal. $128.00/Gal. $2.56 /sq.Ft.