Historic Restoration

When restoring historic architecture you will run into lead based paint, and you should always take safety precautions to protect yourself, those around you, and the environment. Of course, you also want to protect that solid wood 18th century door somebody painted over in the 1920s with lead paint. In this case, you should consider LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper. It physically contains the lead paint in its thick gel paint stripper and also achieves a chemical containment of the lead molecules with its molecular bonding system. The gel-stripper in LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper will not raise the grain of wood and is non-caustic. Perhaps the most common use of LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper is historic restoration. Our customers have restored antique doors, furniture, and decorative architecture in their homes. LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper was used in the restoration of the historic Hotel Lafayette by Gypsum Systems, Inc. in Buffalo, NY.  My personal favorite, however, was a project by a boyscout and his father to restore a WWI era cannon using LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper. God Bless 'em! I hope you boys are only planning to display that cannon - no demonstrations please.