Environmentally Helpful Products LLC (formerly known as Real-Time Marketing LLC) is a  family owned, home based business specializing in marketing products that are both financially and environmentally helpful.  By working directly with manufacturers, we provide our customers with the best quality products at the best price.  We design, build, market, and manage e-commerce enabled websites for products that meet the standard of "environmentally helpful."

There are two types of "green" products: environmentally-friendly and environmentally-helpful.  Although no national standard has been formulated, environmentally-friendly (or eco-friendly, earth-friendly, etc.) is understood to mean the product causes less harm to the environment than traditional products.  Environmentally-helpful means the product goes a step further by reducing existing pollution or preventing pollution at the source.

For LeadOutPaintStripper.com we have partnered with Solucorp Industries Ltd. to combine their revolutionary MBS stabilizer powder with a top-of-the-line paint stripper to make LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper.  This environmentally-helpful and cost effective heavy metal remediating paint stripper is the type of product we specialize in marketing and selling.

Through market research we identify current supply and demand, and then we connect them through the internet as well as direct marketing efforts.  Go to the Contact us page for information on how to reach us.