LEAD OUT® Paint Stripper achieves a chemical containment of lead and other heavy metals allowing the paint waste to be disposed of as non-hazardous waste.

It’s a top-of-the-Line lead paint removal system to permanently remove lead-based paint from your home, building, boat, furniture or equipment. LEAD OUT® Paint Stripper is biodegradable and renders lead based paint non-hazardous for transport and disposal while reducing toxic characteristics of lead for increased safety of workers, families, and the environment. It is the only paint stripper to permanently render all heavy metals non-hazardous for disposal.


LEAD OUT® Paint Stripper is the combination of our soy-based paint stripper and our MBS® stabilizer powder. The paint stripper is non-caustic, non-hazardous and biodegradable. The MBS® stabilizer powder reacts at the molecular level with lead and other heavy metals to render them non-hazardous allowing for inexpensive disposal.  This patented technology was verified under the EPA "SITE" (Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation) Program and proven to reduce the toxic characteristics of lead allowing for non-hazardous disposal of lead contaminated waste.

Read the "Superfund Report" on MBS®: EPA Report on MBS.

Read the Patent Report: US Patent Office's Patent Report 


  • Safe and easy for DIY projects

  • Perfect for removing paint from porches, stairs, and doorways

  • Make your home safer for you and your kids

  • No methylene chloride or caustic chemicals

  • Renders lead based paint non-hazardous to protect the environment

  • No need to neutralize the surface - simple water clean up

  • Contractors can offer customers added protection and eco-friendly paint removal

  • Helps comply with EPA RRP containment and final clean up verification


  • Protects workers from exposure to lead and other heavy metals

  • Helps comply with OSHA requirements

  • Non-hazardous disposal of lead paint waste (and zinc, chromium, cadmium, copper)

  • No employee monitoring needed

  • Long shelf-life of paint stripper and stabilizer powder (3 years)

  • Allows for torch cutting/welding after paint removal

  • Standard workplace P.P.E.

  • Perfect for removing lead based coatings off metal surfaces

Common Uses of LEAD OUT® Paint Stripper
Historic Restoration
Boat Maintenance
Industrial Repairs
Home Improvement
Furniture Refinishing

Lead Paint Removal
Removing lead paint can be safer and easier than you think with the right lead paint removal products and lead safe work practices. LEAD OUT® Paint Stripper is the best lead paint stripper available as it renders lead paint non-hazardous on contact.  It is a non-caustic, biodegradable, industrial strength paint stripper.

Make sure you educate yourself on lead safe work practices and read our instructions carefully. Visit epa.gov/lead for information about lead paint safety.
The Heavy Metal-Remediating Paint Stripper Technology patent #7,208,457 is owned by Environmentally Helpful Products LLC (acquired from Solucorp Industries in 2015).

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OSHA–Lead in construction
"Choose chemical strippers in lieu of hand scraping with a heat gun for work on building exteriors, surfaces involving carvings or molding, or intricate iron work. Chemical removal generates less airborne lead dust." 

– Page 20, OSHA Lead in Construction

EPA - RRP Brochure
Repairs, renovations, and painting guide

Educate yourself on the EPA's RRP Rule. See page 17 for a list of tools you should use, which includes chemical strippers.