Community of Pelzer Historical Society

"We tested LEAD OUT® on one of our current preservation projects, a historic library building, and were very pleased with the results. LEAD OUT® is very safe and environmentally friendly. This is a great product! We recommend it to others."

Beth Rostron, President

Antique furniture

"Many surfaces that needed to have paint removed before repainting...your paint stripper has out distanced every other stripper I have tried."

Ruth Assorgi  Artist, Remodeler, Furniture Refinisher

Old paint on front porch

"We had 112 years of paint on the old front porch. We used it in this area to great success. It was effective, easy, and felt safe. I would absolutely use LEAD OUT® again."

 Stacy Waddoups, Utah 

Fireplace mantle

"I used it on the fireplace mantle and door jamb throughout my house, and I liked the ease of application. I have used other lead paint strippers and the application was tedious and difficult. I would definitely use LEAD OUT® again."

Michael Macalle  New Jersey 

Pine wood floor

"I liked that I could remove the lead paint safely, and that there was very little paint dust created. The bare wood was exposed with one application, and it was not damaged. I've recommended LEAD OUT® to many people."

Jill Carter, Massachusetts

Home Improvement

"I found Lead Out Paint Stripper to be easy to use and very effective, and I will be sure to recommend it to others."

Sherrilyn C, Pennsylvania

Exterior block wall

"I used it on an exterior block wall, and I liked the fact that it applied smoothly with minimal runs on a vertical surface. I would absolutely use LEAD OUT® again."

– Steve Otte, Florida