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Compare Paint Strippers
Three Lead Paint Strippers

Three Lead Paint Strippers

LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper will remove more paint per dollar than competing lead paint strippers and is the only paint stripper to permanently render all heavy metals non-hazardous.

 Paint Stripper

Average Coverage Area

Price per square foot

                    Renders Lead
 Renders Other Heavy Metals
LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper

 100 Sq. ft.

 $0.95 or less

Permanently Permanently
PEEL-AWAY® Paint Remover           18 Sq. ft.


No No
Strip-Tox® Paint Stripper

 63 Sq. ft.


Temporary No

Comparing Paint Strippers

Comparing Paint Strippers

By the numbers, LEAD-OUT® is the best lead paint stripper, but these other products have pros as well as cons.

Coverage Area information for any paint stripper

Coverage Area information for any paint stripper

The largest coverage area will be on flat surfaces for any paint stripper.  Rough and porous surfaces decrease the square footage coverage of any coating or paint stripper.  Also, applying a paint stripper thicker will reduce coverage area but will increase the number of coats of paint removed.  Poor intercoat adhesion often causes premature lifting of the paint.  This reduces the number of layers of paint a stripper will remove.  High absorption into the underlying surface, usually wood, will make it difficult for any paint stripper to remove the bottom layer of paint.

For LEAD-OUT® Paint Stripper:

100-120 square feet: Flat surfaces, metal surfaces found in industrial paint removal, marine and boat paint removal, and some residential applications.

80-100 square feet: Most residential paint removal: renovation, preservation, etc.

60-80 square feet: Porous, rough surfaces, many layers of paint, intricate wood-work: historic preservation, antique restoration, brick or sheet rock surfaces.

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